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Basement Remodeling

Get extra space with a basement update?

Relative to the cost, a well-planned finished basement can provide as much as a 125% return on investment.

Basement Stairs
Do your basement stairs
lead to a room you can use?

You can add a family room, home office, or play space with all the amenities and finishes you wish, without incurring the extra costs associated with laying new foundations for an addition. If you don´t have the land, a basement remodel may be your best option for increasing livable space.

The "gotcha" is whether or not your basement is a good candidate for remodeling. If your basement meets the following criteria, your basement remodeling project will most likely proceed without too much difficulty. (Remodeling being what it is, that "difficulty" is usually relative!)

Does your basement have... If not...
Dry floors and walls with no water problems?
there may be substantial costs incurred in treating water related problems like condensation, seepage, leaks, or subterranean water. A licensed contractor with experience in basement remodeling can pinpoint problems and make suggestions to save time, money, and inconvenience.
Stairs already?
you need to allocate a location and budget to add them. Even where stairs to an unfinished basement exist, they may not be up to code for a finished living space.
Windows, or can windows be added?
make a provision to add them. This may entail exterior excavation or be impossible because of location. Not only are ventilation and light important to livabilty, but building codes often require 8–10% of the floor area in window area. Ask your contractor for cost-effective design solutions.
At least 8 feet of existing headroom?
Most codes require a ceiling height of 7 1/2 feet, so 8 feet or more provides the height needed to accommodate the flooring and ceiling changes.
A good emergency escape route?
Code requirements require an escape route from finished basements. These are likely to be rigidly enforced if you are adding sleeping quarters. 
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