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Bathroom Remodeling

Adding or remodeling a bathroom?

No room in your home is used more than the bathroom. That alone usually justifies making bathroom remodeling a high priority. When you sell, bathroom remodels are one home improvement from which you can expect to recoup most of your investment.


Additions are the most cost-effective bathroom upgrade to a one-bath home.

Remodeled Bathroom
Bath remodeling is the most cost-effective
improvement you can make.

If you have the space and budget, the addition will provide significant functionality and convenience. Consult an architect or designer to get the look and features that fit your budget.


Remodeling a small bathroom may be a better choice if an addition isnīt feasible. The variety of bathroom remodeling options is virtually limitless. A remodel can range from simple upgrades, like installing new lighting and fans, to a complete replacement of fixtures and finishes. Even a modest investment, such as replacing a single sink with two, enhances not only the functionality of your home but improves resale value as well.

Assess your needs

The following list is not comprehensive, but may give you some ideas to consider regarding what you want and need in your new bathroom.

  • Can two people easily use the bathroom now?
  • Do you use the tub regularly?
  • Who is the bathroom for? Kids? Couples? Older folks?
  • How does it relate to other rooms? Is the traffic flow good or poor?
  • Are there enough electrical outlets near the counter area?
  • Is there adequate storage for personal grooming items, laundry hamper, towels, and bathroom cleaning supplies?
  • Does it need two sinks?
  • Is there enough counter space?
  • Is the lighting good?
  • Is there a fan for ventilation?
  • Is the shower or tub big enough?
  • Is there any water damage?

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