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Add storage with new cabinets

If you need new cabinetry for your kitchen, office, or other rooms in your home, the following tips may help plan your project.

  • What do you do and where do you want to do it? Throw out the rule book and make your home support what you want to do. Plan storage to accommodate interests and hobbies as well as domestic work flow.
  • Walk through each process from beginning to end. Design to put items as close as possible to where they will be used.
  • Build in flexible storage too. Plan for what you need today, but think about changes in your future. Repositionable shelves and drawer inserts add flexibility. Make sure drawers are variable depths to store different types of stuff.
  • Store vertically. Use cabinet doors for pot lid racks or tray storage. Spice racks may also fit. Many organizational accessories easily mount inside cabinet doors.
  • Design usable pantry space. Add a bread box for bakery goods and cereals, bins for grains, or a wine rack.
  • Consider ergonomics. Plan to minimize awkward access and heavy lifting.
  • Measure and plan to accommodate items that are oddly shaped, bulky, and hard to store.
  • Drawers and pull out trays are more convenient than cupboards. If you can see it, youŽll use it.
  • Build it in. Recycling centers, laundry hampers, cookbook stands, and keyboard drawers are all wonderful features.

A professional cabinetry installer from PRO Construction can help get your cabinets up correctly, so you can get your life organized quickly and get on to the more interesting aspects of living.

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