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Add an outdoor room

Building a new deck can be simple or fraught with design challenges. It depends on your existing landscape, how you want to place the new deck relative to your home, materials, and design.

Typically, we look out at the yard and ponder the pleasure we´d get if only we had a deck for entertaining, a quick family barbecue on a holiday weekend, or a luxurious long cup of coffee out on the deck on Sunday morning. Depending on personal preferences, you might need a reinforced deck for a private spa or a multilevel deck to accommodate a sloping yard. You may want to integrate trellises, arbors, or roof and screen your deck for a summer living room.

Use your deck this summer to
entertain or relax.

As the starting point, your home´s architectural style will drive the range of design options available and the landscape itself will determine the size and shape of the deck. Planning a deck project can be a lot of fun. Gathering ideas from magazines and books can help you narrow your options. Deciding deck placement, access, and function will help you set priorities as well.

Once you´ve done your preliminary research, draw up a plan. A sketch with reasonably accurate measurements is usually an adequate guide for permits and materials, especially if the deck is simple. For more complex deck structures, more detail may be required. Though building a simple deck is often within the range of a do-it-yourselfer, the more complex the structure, the more likely it is that you´ll benefit from hiring a deck pro to do the actual construction.

Important issues to discuss with a deck contractor include:

  • How the house and deck connect. Will the deck connect directly to an existing doorway or will one need to be added? Or will the deck be freestanding or connected by way of a breezeway?
  • What type of materials will be used? There is a much larger range of deck materials available today than 10 or 15 years ago though pressure-treated wood is still required for supports and posts, especially if they make ground contact. As a result of new EPA guidelines, new copper preservatives make pressure-treated wood more expensive, so new standards for wood treatment have been introduced to minimize expense. New deck materials include vinyl and engineered composites that are easy to install, durable, and easily maintained.
  • What type of building permits are needed? Will the contractor handle permits and oversee inspections? Many cities or counties regulate deck construction depending on how it´s attached to the house, how many inches off the ground it is, and types of railings that are required. This aspect is particularly important since your homeowner´s policy will not cover accidents if codes are not met.

A qualified decking contractor from PRO Construction, LLC can  help design and construct a deck that will add value to your home and provide years of enjoyment.

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