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Working with an electrician

Skilled electricians protect
your family and your

Working with an electrical contractor is a little different than working with other types of contractors.

Because of the nature of the work, electrical contractors are more likely to need permits if the project is larger or requires new circuitry or significant changes. These permits, which require an inspection by a city or county electrical inspector, are your insurance that the work is complete and up to code.

Other types of contractors may work with you if you purchase fixtures for installation. However, your electrician may not. If the electrician purchases the materials, he´ll be responsible for warranty and replacement issues. If you do, and a part is incorrect or missing, it will be up to you to find a replacement, which usually costs you more money than you´d save.

Also, to install new circuitry, your electrician may need to cut holes in the walls. The electrician may not make the repairs, leaving that to you or your general contractor.

Getting started

Before choosing an electrician, get several estimates and make sure you get the following information:

  • Project references and length of experience as well as checking with the Better Business Bureau for consumer complaints
  • Copies of each electrician´s license, liability insurance, worker’s comp insurance, and bonding. Call to verify.
  • Written guarantees on work

Project cost

The average rate, depending on region, for a licensed electrical contractor is between $45 and $70 an hour.

Depending on the size of the project, payments may be made upon completion, or at agreed milestones over the course of a larger project. Make sure the payment schedule is clearly specified in the contract.

Don´t make the last payment though until you´ve received a waiver stating that all vendors and workers have been paid.

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