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Home Additions

Room to grow: Home additions

Whether you´re considering adding more square footage to your house by building an extension or just reconfiguring existing space to accommodate a new bathroom, home additions can be an effective way to gain a more functional home as well as improve resale value. In today’s market, few financial opportunities provide the potential return on investment afforded by cost-effective, well-planned home improvements.

Planning Variables

Home additions add more space as your family grows.
A home addition can add the space
your family needs.

Keep in mind that many variables such as region, market demand, craftsmanship, style, and materials may have an impact. If you’re planning an addition—a second bathroom, for example—so you can sell your home, you’ll probably recover most of the cost of your home addition. The caveat is to plan your project so that your improvements are in line with the homes in your area. If you go for a full marble bath with gold-plated fixtures in a tile bath neighborhood, the chances of recouping your whole investment diminish dramatically.

However, if you plan to stay in your house for a while, you may choose to make changes that enhance your home’s functionality and convenience as well as satisfying your aesthetic tastes. Options are limitless. And if that full marble bath makes you happy, go for it!

Work with a "Pro" from PRO Construction, LLC

House additions often require the expertise of an architect or designer. To avoid making costly, time-consuming mistakes, take advantage of their design skills and specialized training. They can suggest solutions and use materials creatively to save money, time, and contribute to the customization of your project.

Once you have a plan and are ready to consider contractors, protect yourself and your home by making sure you get the following information about each contractor or subcontractor:

  • Length of time in business.
  • References for projects completed. Ask to see current projects, too.
  • Copies of contractor’s licensing, workers’ comp insurance, and liability insurance. Make sure all licensing and insurance is current and in force for the duration of your project.
  • Copy of the contractor’s contract. Read it carefully to make sure that you are protected.
  • Copies of estimates and warranties that specify exactly what the contractor is going to do, is liable for, and how long he’ll guarantee his work.

PRO Construction  contractors are professionals and want to serve you the best way they can.

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