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Landscape Architects

Making landscape changes? Work with a professional

If you need design skill and the assurance of working with a registered, licensed professional, a landscape architect may be your best option for making dramatic landscape changes that include planning, design, excavation, grading, and construction.

Landscape architects are trained and knowledgeable about horticulture, ecology, and construction as well as the design aspects of combining forms, materials, and colors to produce the most pleasing aesthetic effect within the context of a given environment.

A landscape architect can help you
tame your jungle

With an advanced degree, a landscape architect uses specialized analytical, design, and management skill to produce master plans that address site issues, natural resource conservation, as well as function and aesthetics.

Choosing a landscape architect will depend on the both the type of project and the architect´s style. Carefully review the project portfolio of each architect under consideration. Obtain a list of projects and references so you can see what their projects look like in real life. Ask for proof of their qualifications and licensing. Each architect should provide a detailed schedule of work with associated fees.

Once you´ve chosen your landscape architect, ongoing and thorough communication will ensure a successful project. A detailed contract should describe the scope of work as well as include a schedule, fees and terms of payments, responsibilities of each party, and any appropriate warranties.

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