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Masons and Stoneworkers

Build to Last with Brick and Stone

Got a small project like a walkway or wall? How about a big project...like a house? Masons and stonework contractors are some of the most versatile building specialists around, with construction traditions that date back to before the Pyramids. Enhancing their historical techniques with new materials and methods, masonry contractors are equipped to deliver excellent value for the money.

Masonry projects, long known for their durability and beauty, are almost maintenance free, environmentally friendly, and possibly less expensive than you might at first think. The cost premium of masonry over wood construction has been much higher in recent years, but in some areas of the country that gap has closed somewhat. Because of the long and short-term value stonework provides, there is a renewed interest in incorporating brick, stone, and other masonry construction in new home and remodeling projects.

As a discipline, masonry includes bricklaying, stonework, concrete, and mortar. Within the craft, there are a variety of specialties that include new construction, historical restoration, garden hardscaping, and fireplaces to name just a few.

While its certainly possible for you to do some projects yourself, its a good idea to have masonry contractor do projects that require additional skill or specialized tools.

When hiring a mason or stonework contractor, ask for licensing and insurance. Request references for both recent and older projects. Because masonry so durable, and is as much art as craft, workmanship is particularly important. Problems, if any exist, may not show up immediately. With stonework, you deserve the best construction you can get. After all, youll be living with it for a long, long time.

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