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House painting is easy... or is it?

House Painting
Fresh paint adds value
and appeal to every

Any one can paint, right? Well, you probably can, but doing so can take time and energy better spent on other activities. Painting can be a time consuming and back breaking job, but a contractor has the equipment and know how to do the job quickly and professionally.

A good painting contractor can get the work done quickly and without the headache you’d get tackling the job yourself. To understand the process and qualify your painting contractor, find out how they handle the following:

Process What you want to know . . .
Surface Preparation
Painting is easy, but preparation takes time. A good painting contractor can describe the type of preparation he does for his projects. How much scraping, sanding, caulking, and patching does he do? Does he usually use an undercoat or primer before painting? What materials does he use? How much time does he typically spend on prep work?
Paint should be the best quality you can afford for the project. Paints should be washable and long lasting without flaking or blistering. Your painting contractor can offer suggestions for the best paint type for the surface.
Application method
Ask your contractor what techniques he’ll use to apply the paint. You want to get a sense of his attention to detail and finish work. If you are a stickler for the well-defined edge, ask him how he will achieve that kind of meticulous finish. Once you know, you can decide if the cost is worth the extra detail.

Once you know the preparation process and grade of materials, you can get a written estimate.

Health considerations

Older homes may have existing lead-based finishes. If needed, find out what kinds of precautions your painter will take to ensure the safety and health of your family.

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