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Sprinkler System Installation

Install a cost-effective system for a lush yard

If you are like many homeowners, you want the convenience and ease of use of a well-designed sprinkler system, but are not particularly interested in installing the system itself. You know that a system conserves water at the same time it fosters healthy, luxurious plant and grass growth, but donīt feel compelled to design it, select equipment and materials, and dig all the trenches and install tubing, valves, and sprinkler heads.

Hiring a pro helps with all of that. A qualified landscape professional can do all the nitty gritty work, make informed recommendations, and your only job is to write the check when the job is completed.

To hire a qualified pro, in addition to checking qualifications, insurance coverages, and insurance, it helps to have some idea of what installing a sprinkler system entails.

Installing a sprinkler system

The following provides a high level description of what goes into installing a sprinkler irrigation system.

  • Make a plan of your yard that notes size and placement of buildings, patios, walkways, and plantings. If you hire a contractor to install a sprinkler system, find out who is responsible for contacting the city for permits (if needed) and the utilities to mark gas and other utility lines.
  • Assess water pressure and flow rate. This affects how system circuits are set up and when each circuit will be activated because water pressure in most residential systems isnīt great enough to run the entire system at one time.
  • Plan sprinkler head placement, direction, and coverage. (Make sure the installer directs sprinkler heads down and minimizes water on the walls and windows of your home.)
  • Plan circuits.
  • Install the system by designing and building a manifold (for control valves), digging trenches and laying PVC pipe, and installing an emergency shutoff. Install sprinkler heads and make all connections.
  • Test systems and make corrections, then fill in trenches.

The last word

To provide ongoing maintenance for your system, make sure your sprinkler system installer provides you with all information on the installerīs warranties, manufacturerīs warranties, a complete plan of the installation, and all instructional manuals and documentation. Typically, most troubleshooting can easily be handled by you, but in case you need expert assistance the documentation can save time and money. And when you sell your home, the new homeowner will appreciate the information.

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