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Storage and Closets

Finding space for lifeīs little pleasures

Aside from throwing stuff out or giving it away, sometimes itīs necessary to rethink home storage options. While many homes have adequate closet space, many donīt.

Closet and storage designers can help

Donīt know where to start? A storage designer can help you define storage needs and get your possessions organized. Youīll want to check references and credentials and find a good fit for your needs, but in the long run, a pro can help you simplify your life so you can do what you enjoy. Whether you select a designer who puts together closet organizing systems or an interior carpenter who specializes in custom built-ins, there is a professional who is suitable for your project.

Tips for getting started

The following tips will help you get organized and plan a few storage projects:

  • Plan your storage needs. This may require editing your stuff. You probably have things youīve forgotten about and thinning those out will free up space and clarify how you might develop more useful storage areas.
  • Planning and decluttering go together. Start small.
  • Keep like items together. Start with one area like the hall closet, one task-based project like all sewing supplies, or one class of stuff like papers. For example, focus on organizing ALL your papers; toss, file, and then store. Once you finish one type of item, move on to the next. Different people organize differently and there is one best way for you, but thereīs no silver bullet.
  • Label everything. It really helps find stuff later. You will not remember, even though it seems obvious at the time. Label files, boxes, and even shelves.
  • Store items near the point of use. Itīs common sense of course, but sometimes not that easy. Add storage where itīs inadequate. If you need towel storage in the bathroom for example, add a linen tower or shelves.
  • Find a place for everything to live. This is really important; otherwise stuff floats around the house because it doesnīt have a closet or storage area it belongs. This makes it hard to clean, because thereīs always something laying around.
  • Teach the kids to put stuff away and give them designated spaces for stuff. Take a lesson from their classrooms. Most schoolrooms are well organized, so keep your eyes peeled for solutions you can take home with you. Itīs an easy way to reinforce tidy habits at home. Kid-friendly built-in storage is a great way to make it easy on everyone.

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