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Stump Grinding

Get stumps out easily

The arborist came, cut down the tree, ground up the branches and small debris, and hauled away the wood. Now you have a six-inch stump in the middle of the front lawn. The tree guy mentioned that a tree stump grinder could take that out and you´d be ready to resod the spot where that dead tree was and life would be just ducky.

It´s true. A tree stump grinder can save you a lot of wear and tear. Instead of attempting to dig out the roots, which is VERY labor intensive, you can hire a specialist who has the equipment to do the work in a fraction of the time. Using a stump grinder, they can remove up to 12 inches of stump below ground surface.

The process is a little messy, but you can use the wood chips for paths or mulch, or just rake it back into the hole when the grinder is finished. Add some soil, rake smooth, and plant grass seed or add some new plants. Within weeks, the tree, the stump, and the empty hole will have faded into history.

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