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Swimming Pool Installation

Poolside summer vacation in your backyard

Are you thinking about installing a pool? There´s nothing that brings summer home more than a splashing good time in the backyard swimming pool.

Pools can be constructed in any shape or size, limited only by your imagination, pocketbook, and landscape. A professional pool designer can assist you in making all of the decisions you´ll need to make concerning the type, size, shape, and materials that are used to construct your pool.

In addition to the pool itself, a pool specialist can help with choice of fencing and decking, and may be knowledgable about landscaping the pool area.

Because a pool is such a large undertaking, it´s wise to thoroughly check out the pool company you wish to hire. Answers to the following questions will help:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • How are their references?
  • Can they show proof of all state-required licensing and insurance?
  • What kind of warranty do they offer on their pool installations?
  • Do they offer competitive ongoing service or maintenance agreements?

If you plan carefully and hire an experienced pool installation service, your family will enjoy years of fun using your pool.

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