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Fire Restoration

PRO Construction, LLC deals in post-disaster repair and restoration work. Our job is to go into a disaster site, as soon as possible after the event has occurred, and to limit the damages as quickly and as far as possible. After that, we remove and clean or repair the contents of the premises and rebuild, repair and refurbish the premises themselves, restoring the entire property to the condition it was in prior to the disaster that damaged it.

Since 1980, PRO Construction, LLC has successfully completed restorations work on almost every kind of premises imaginable: hospitals, schools, stores, restaurants, factories, libraries, laboratories, barns, garages and farm outbuildings, apartment complexes and private homes. Our company personnel have restored and repaired - sometimes amazingly - variously damaged goods and contents from all of those premises, including books, clothing, furnishing, files and documents, photographs and mementos, draperies, wall- bed- and floor-coverings, computers and electronic devices and components.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, but they are always overwhelming and unexpected, and most people are unprepared to deal with them. PRO Construction, LLC, on the other hand, exists to deal with them - to contain them, to divert them and finally to nullify and deny them by erasing any signs of their occurrence. In order to increase our readiness, we've split disasters into six separate categories and those are listed and described in the menu bar at the top of this screen.

Our concern is total reconstruction, replacement and restoration - from the first phone call we receive, alerting us to the disaster, right through to the final handover of the finished, restored property to the owner/occupant. We are equipped and prepared to handle every stage of the restoration process. That's why we advise all our clients to Call PRO Construction, LLC, for Starters, whenever things go wrong.

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