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Testimonials from Customers

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"...It is a pleasure to do business with such a professional remodeling company."
~Linda Gafford, L. Gafford Interiors
"...The response of this company has been excellent..."
~Audie Argo, AIMCO
"...We are delighted with the work you have done and would be happy to serve as a reference..."
~Janet Fussman, Jacksonville, Florida
"...He is simply an organized, responsible Contractor that you can trust and rely on..."
~William C. McIver, Architecture Design Group
"...Your late night response provided a substantial savings in time and and your interim protection to the damaged area saved is very valuable time and money..."
~Tom Thornton, Thornton Properties
"...I can not praise them enough..."
~Tina Mullar, SPM
"...The repair work you did looks GREAT and the paint job ties in tremendously with the existing paint..."
~Jesse E. Ellis, Harris & Associates
"...again..thank you for the top quality workmanship performed!"
~Douglas W. Jennings
"...I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding work you have completed for Engel Realty Company..."
~Keith E. Simpson, Engel Realty Company
"...Once again, thank you for an outstanding job..."
~Daniel E. J. Devers, Chapter Two Business          Solutions
"...Your companies prompt service and outstanding work made my job easier..."
~Kenneth A. Dowdy, Lusk & McAlister, P.C.


Testamonials from Insurance Companies


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"...I would like to thank you for another job well done..."
~Bob Murphy, Murphy's Claim Service
"...I want to express my appreciation for the outstanding work ethic I have come to know in working with the team at Pro Consruction, LLC"
      ~Mike Mullis, White-Hart & Associates
"...Working with your company makes my job a lot easier..."
 ~Larry Bobo, Bobo Claim Service
"...The reason I use your company is because you are reliable and I know you are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week"
~John Cucinotta, Cooch Adjusters, T.P.A. &         Consulting
"...I have enjoyed working with Pro Construction, LLC over the year and look forward to many more opportunities..."
~Mike Mullis, Cramer, Johnson, White &         Associates
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